James Charles reports losing over 30 million TikTok followers after apparent glitch

Georgina Smith
James Charles in front of a plant

Beauty YouTuber James Charles reported that he appeared to lose over 30 million followers on TikTok after a bizarre glitch seemingly affected his account.

23-year-old James Charles is a beauty influencer who rose to fame on YouTube, where he posts makeup tutorials, challenges, and celebrity collabs for his now 24 million subscribers.

That’s not to mention the huge following he has on other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, where he has 36.2 million followers.

However, on May 3, fans were baffled when the influencer revealed that he had appeared to lose the vast majority of his followers on TikTok without warning.

James Charles poses for an Instagram picture
James Charles has millions of followers across multiple different platforms.

In a video captioned “hello? Anyone there?” he wrote: “Me making TikToks and having 36 million followers that I love & appreciate. Somehow losing every single one of them.”

In the second half of the clip, he included a screenshot of his account, which showed that he only had five followers left.

Viewers immediately flocked to his profile to check whether it was true, and many of them also reported that the influencer’s follower count was remarkably low.

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However, shortly after, others began reporting that James’ follower count had been restored, though it’s still not exactly clear what caused the issue to happen in the first place. With how quickly his followers returned, it appears as though it may have just been a glitch with the display, but it certainly managed to confuse his millions of followers.

James actually lost over 80,000 followers on Instagram in late May, after he posted a picture of him ‘tucking.’