Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury ‘leaked script’ details fight outcome & Fury injury

Jake Paul and Tommy FuryInstagram: jakepaul / tommyfury

An alleged ‘leaked script’ detailing the round-by-round outcome of the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight is circulating on social media, claiming that Paul will be declared winner by TKO. However, many doubt its authenticity.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are finally set to step into the ring together for their first bout on February 26, after the first two fights they planned in 2021 and 2022 couldn’t go ahead.

On the day of the fight, backup opponent, Mike Perry, shared an image of an alleged ‘script’ for the event to Twitter, along with the caption, “What’s happening?”

The script is titled “Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Script Revision #4” and claims to detail what is set to happen in each of the fight’s eight rounds. It is stamped with the logo of ‘Troop Boxing Promotions.’

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In Round 4, the script says that “Fury seems to be having trouble with his left eye, which is starting to swell shut.” In Round 5, it reads that Fury’s eye is “almost completely closed,” but that a doctor determines he can continue in the fight.

In the final round, it details that “Paul lands a huge right hand that sends Fury crashing to the canvas.” It goes on to say that Paul wins by TKO, and lists a few “key moments” that will happen after the fight is over.

The image has been shared widely across social media, however, many have cast doubt on the authenticity of the alleged script.

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Commenters mentioned that it would be difficult to script someone’s eye swelling shut, and pointed out that ‘Troop Boxing Promotions,’ doesn’t appear to actually exist.

Fight organizers reportedly went on to tell Mirror Fighting that the script is fake.

The script has caused a huge stir online, drumming up even more anticipation for the long-awaited bout between Fury and Paul. You can find out how to tune in to the big event by checking out our guide here.