Jake Paul and KSI lock horns as they agree to winner-takes-all boxing match

Jake Paul and KSI have been on a boxing match crash course and it's finally coming to a head.DAZN/Instagram: Jake Paul

Jake Paul and JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji locked horns once more on Twitter and a boxing match between the two may be closer than ever.

Jake Paul and KSI spent most of 2022 trading snide comments and teasing a potential fight, and now it’s all but guaranteed to be going down.

The two got into another Twitter spat on February 5 with Paul revealing that he would agree to the conditions KSI had previously set for their bout if it meant finally getting the match locked in once and for all.

Jake Paul agrees to KSI’s boxing match demands

JP kicked things off this time around with a tweet that laid it all on the line, leaving no uncertainty over what needs to happen to make things official.

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“I will agree to fight KSI at 180 pounds plus his request for a 10-pound rehydration clause BUT it has to be 100% winner takes all like he requested,” The Problem Child wrote.

It didn’t take long for this to catch Olatunji’s attention and he let his potential opponent know that he was still ready to make it happen. “So you gave into my demands and now want to give me more money too? You got yourself a deal idiot.”

Paul admitted that he was only agreeing to the weight-and-rehydration clause to eliminate any excuses for the other fighter.

“I gave into your “demands” to try and give you an advantage for you to actually agree to fight me,” he claimed.

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Of course, it takes more than a few social media jabs for a fight to officially be locked in, but given that KSI’s manager promised that the match would be going down eventually, it certainly seems like their inevitable collision is on its way.