Jake Paul claims he is giving KSI an “advantage” by accepting fight demands

YouTube: Jake Paul/KSI

Jake Paul says he’s trying to give KSI an “advantage” for their proposed super fight by giving into the Britsh YouTuber’s conditions about weight and location. 

A fight between Jake Paul and KSI has been one that has been on the cards for years, but they haven’t quite been able to make it happen just yet. 

The longtime rivals have circled around each other since getting first getting involved with influencer boxing back in 2019, though Jake has had fights on a more regular basis than KSI, who only returned to the ring at the end of 2022. 

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As they’ve both been back in the gym, they agreed to a fight in 2023, stating that it would take place at Wembley Stadium. However, Jake’s MMA debut has thrown a spanner in the works, and the pair are now targeting a fight in late 2023 rather than the summer. 

Jake Paul gives KSI “advantage” to make them actually fight

They reignited the negotiations on February 5, as Jake and KSI went back and forth on Twitter over a “winner take all” clash that will happen in the UK. 

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KSI stipulated that it has to take place at 180lbs, with a 10lbs rehydration clause also in the contract for their weight cut. He called Jake an “idiot” for agreeing to those terms, believing he’ll easily win.

The ‘Problem Child’ clapped back at that, though, saying he’s giving his rival an “advantage” as he looks to claim ultimate bragging rights. “Yeah I gave into your “demands” to try and give you an advantage for you to actually agree to fight me,” Jake tweeted. “Again ZERO to the loser. Not you, not your fake ass promotion.”

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As it stands, the pair haven’t set a date for the fight, nor have they named a location, but they have talked about making it happen in December.

That would rule out Wembley, given the UK specializes in terrible weather, but Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium could be on the cards as it can be fully covered. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.