Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau mocked for charging money to watch wedding livestream

Connor Bennett

YouTube couple Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have been roundly mocked, by fans and detractors alike, for charging $49.99 to watch their wedding livestream.

Back on June 24, on Tana’s 21st birthday, the pair revealed that they had gotten engaged in a nightclub and were planning on getting married within a few days. That initial ceremony date of June 28, however, didn’t come to fruition but the pair re-scheduled for Sunday, July 28.

In the build-up to the monumental event, fans had been left wondering about key details like the venue, how they’d be able to watch, and if it was actually going to happen. The couple has since revealed those details – but not everybody is supportive of having to shell out to watch the action unfold.

Tana Mongeau, InstagramThe pair got engaged at Tana’s birthday bash.

Paul and Mongeau announced that their wedding ceremony was going to be streamed on Halogen TV – the same platform which helped with Logan Paul’s recent Challenger Games event.

However, putting on a show comes at a cost and fans who want to watch it live, and not have to wait for either of the Paul’s to upload a YouTube video or wait for MTV to air Tana’s television series, will have to sign up and shell out $49.99/£40.38.

HalogenThe Halogen site advertises the pricetag of the stream as FOMO pricing.

Of course, it didn’t take long for that information to reach social media and for anyone who isn’t diving into the pockets to start having a joke. 

YouTuber NickTheBullsFan tweeted: “I’d be HEATED if I raised my kids for them one day to ask me for $49.99 so that they can watch the PPV of Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s “Wedding”.

Another less than excited spectator, Gustavo Never, chimed in with a shocked face meme as well as the announcement about the pay-per-view event.

Other fans were less than pleased to hear about the pricing, with some digging out their best gifs and memes to make their point. 

However, not everyone took time out of their day, as some fans couldn’t contain their disappointment about being charged to watch.

One Twitter user, @georgiacrandels, tweeted: “I just found out that tana longest and jake paul’s wedding is $50 to watch the live stream and I am #angry.”

Considering the pair have a rabid fanbase, it seems pretty likely that plenty of fans will dig into their bank accounts to pay to see the action unfold regardless of the jokes on Twitter.