When are Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau getting married? Wedding date and everything you need to know


YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are preparing for an extraordinary marriage, but if you’re still in the dark about their plans, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know. 

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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau shocked the world when they announced that they were engaged on June 24, after the YouTuber proposed in a nightclub during her 21st birthday celebration. 

Rumors have swirled about the legitimacy of their proposed marriage but the pair have maintained that they will be tying the knot – even going as far as announcing a firm date for the ceremony. So, here’s what you need to know about Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s wedding. 

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Tana Mongeau, InstagramThe pair got engaged at Tana’s 21st birthday bash.

When will Jake Paul and Tana get married?

The pair had initially announced that they were to tie the knot on June 28, four days after getting engaged. They added fuel to that fire with Instagram posts about becoming ‘Mr & Mrs’ but Mongeau ultimately denied being married at that point.

However, thanks to a bizarre love poem from Jake during their VidCon appearance, they have since announced that they will be getting hitched on Sunday, July 28

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How to watch Jake Paul and Tana’s wedding

The pair haven’t given a time for the ceremony or details behind just how fans will be able to watch just yet but there is still plenty of time for that to come. 

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Considering Paul made a YouTube video about their engagement, it would make sense that he would also upload footage of them tying the knot. Filming is also underway for Mongeau’s MTV series, so it could very well be seen there too at some point. 

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Where will Jake and Tana get married?

When the pair had announced their initial June 28 marriage date, they also revealed that they would be getting married in Las Vegas through a “wild, Las Vegas ceremony,” but that has obviously passed.

Again, the updated details for the July 28 wedding haven’t been revealed through either Paul or Mongeau just yet so they could very well have something else up their sleeve in terms of a location. 

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Jake Paul, InstagramThe pair have yet to announce just when they will be making their union official.
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Plenty of skepticism still remains about the pair actually going through with their supposed marriage, but it appears clear that plans – of some kind – are in place. 

It remains to be seen if they stick to their July 28 date but at least you’ll know all the ins and outs as this post continues to be updated with all the latest news.