Jake Paul reveals wager for Tommy Fury fight as he wants more than just bragging rights

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury in blue and grey shirt talking to cameraYouTube: JOE/Disruptors Podcast

Jake Paul has revealed that he’s planning on another bet with Tommy Fury for their fight, and it might involve tattoos yet again. 

The longstanding rivalry between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is pretty well documented at this point, as the pair have been going back and forth on social media for a few years now. 

Unless something changes over the next few weeks, they’ll finally be stepping into the ring on February 26 and settling their score once and for all. Given the interest around the fight and their rivalry, it’s not just cash that’ll be on the line for Jake and Tommy. Some serious bragging rights will be up for grabs as well. 

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As has become tradition with Jake’s fights, he wants to go beyond that and put a little something extra on the line like he did with Tyron Woodley. 

Jake Paul planning Tommy Fury bet as he wants extra bragging rights

The ‘Problem Child’ spoke to Joe as he was in London to promote the fight, and was quizzed on the Tommy Fumbles nickname that he gave to Fury when they were previously set to fight. 

Jake was asked if he’d consider putting another tattoo on the line, and perhaps have Tommy get the nickname inked on his body if he loses. “I’m going to make a bet with him. I haven’t come up with it yet, but I’m going to make some form of a bet,” he said. 

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“Maybe a tattoo is a good one, but we’ll see what ends up happening there!”

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As noted, Tyron Woodley had to get Jake’s name tattooed on his body after he lost their first fight, and that was in aid of possibly setting up a rematch. Though, it has been remoted that Tommy has a rematch clause anyway. 

We’ll have to wait and see what Jake cooks up this time around, but its always a fun add-on to the fights.