Jake Paul launches anti-cyberbullying charity “Boxing Bullies”

Jake Paul launches anti bullying charityYouTube: Jake Paul

YouTube star-turned-boxing pro Jake Paul is hitting back at cyberbullies with the launch of his new charity, “Boxing Bullies,” ahead of his upcoming bout against MMA champ Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul is the self-described “Problem Child” of the social media world. After founding Team 10 and having a stint on the Disney Channel, the over-the-top YouTuber has now focused all his energy on the sport of boxing.

After defeating fellow influencer Deji Olatunji in 2018, Jake went on to go pro, taking out YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA pro Nate Robinson and even Olympic MMA fighter Ben Askren.

Now, Paul is gearing up to face off with five-time UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley — but he’s doing more than sweating it up in training camp.

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During an interview after his press conference with Woodley on July 13, Paul revealed that he would be launching his very own charity called “Boxing Bullies,” with the aim of combating cyberbullying.

“I’m starting my charity, launching that in 12 days here, called ‘Boxing Bullies,'” he stated. “We’re helping to fight against cyberbullying. I’m just doing me, and I guess the cameras are filming.”

On July 20, an Instagram page dedicated to the Boxing Bullies charity sprang up online, introducing the project’s key members and naming Jake Paul as the group’s founder.

“The mission of Boxing Bullies is to instill self-confidence, leadership, and courage within the youth through the sport of boxing, while using our platform, voice, and social media to fight back against bullying,” the charity’s mission statement reads.

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That’s not all; the org also aims to “provide kids with hands-on, professional boxing lessons with top-notch staff and facilities.”

This isn’t the first time Paul has engaged in charitable acts under the guise of combat sports; in June, the YouTuber helped pay for UFC Flyweight rookie Sarah ‘Too Sweet’ Alpar’s costs to attend and compete in her bout against Erin Blanchfield.

While Paul’s charity has yet to officially kick-off, fans and critics alike are curious to see where this new venture will lead.