KSI & Logan Paul boxing rematch? Trash-talking segment teases potential fight

Instagram / ksi

As the highly anticipated KSI Show came to a close, fans of the British superstar — and fans of rival boxer Logan Paul — were treated to a tantalizing teaser that hinted at a future rematch in the ring between the two young competitors.

Despite butting heads at times over the last several years, KSI and Logan Paul seemed to be on nothing but good terms as the older Paul brother joined the British entertainer on his ‘KSI Show’ special after rumors swirled that he would make an appearance.

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While Paul was featured in a segment towards the end of the event, he also made an unexpected post-credits appearance as well, where he and KSI sent fans into a frenzy when they hopped into a makeshift boxing ring while talking trash and teasing a third showdown in the future.

KSI Logan Paul KSI Show SegmentMoment House
KSI and Logan Paul teased fans with the prospect of a third boxing match.

As KSI thanked his fans for watching the event, and the screen faded to black, viewers thought the show was over. They were shocked when KSI and Logan Paul appeared wearing boxing gloves, and approached an empty boxing ring while teasing a future announcement.

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“I honestly can’t believe it,” Paul remarked cryptically, while KSI responded in kind: “Yeah man, this is gonna be big.”

The two personalities poked fun at one another as they made their way into the arena, with Paul commenting on what many thought was a questionable win given to KSI in their second match, while his British counterpart joked about his opponent’s claim to fame from making Vines.

KSI Logan Paul KSI Show Boxing Teaser ImageTwitter / KSI
KSI and Logan Paul doubled down on the possibility of facing off in the ring again.

Despite the banter, both were smiling and laughing as they climbed over the ropes. “You ready?” Paul asked, to which KSI responded “Absolutely,” and the two squared off as the video ended to the sound of a boxing match bell ringing.

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While the KSI Show’s promotional material already contained images of KSI and Paul in the ring together, many fans took this segment as a sign that the two were teasing a third showdown between the ropes after a tie in their first match, and a KSI win in the second.

Neither KSI nor Paul have officially confirmed a third event at the time of writing, but with the superstars seemingly on better terms than ever, it seems to be the perfect time for the two young boxers to hop into the ring and face off yet again.

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