Jake Paul explains why he thinks Conor McGregor will avoid “$100m” fight

Jake Paul and Conor McGregor standing side-by-side looking at cameraYouTube: Jake Paul/Instagram: Conor McGregor

Jake Paul believes Conor McGregor won’t fight him and will reject any fight offer that the YouTuber makes even if they could get “$100m” each. 

Over the last few years, Jake Paul has gone after a few of the biggest names in the fighting game regardless of whether they’re a boxer or full-time in the UFC.The biggest of which has been Conor McGregor. 

At first, the Irish superstar was reluctant to engage in Jake’s antics, labeling him and his brother Logan as “dingbats.” Though, that has changed over time, with Conor and Jake going back and forth on Twitter a few times over their skills and training videos.

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Jake has always been convinced that, at some point, he and McGregor will come to blows inside the ring. However, he’s now changed his mind on that front as he doesn’t think the MMA star will go for it after all. 

Jake Paul believes Conor McGregor won’t fight him after all

The topic of a fight with McGregor came up on his October 20 episode of the BS with Jake Paul show after he noted that it’s been two years since their original exchange.

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When quizzed on whether or not he thinks McGregor would go for the fight, Jake said: “I don’t, unfortunately.

“Just because I think he will see what I do to Anderson and he will say ‘why would I make this kid $100 million and lose to him so he can make his name off of me.’ Who knows what that guy is doing? His career is coming to an end.”

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Jake added that him beating McGregor would be “legendary” and go down in the history books, which is what the Irish fighting superstar would want to avoid. 

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“I’m saying that he would make my name so much bigger if I beat him,” Jake added. “He is A-side for sure and I would make less money in the fight, he would have the bigger percentage, but that’s speaking right now who knows what happens.”

Jake, obviously, doesn’t want the door completely closed on the fight but he’s certain that Conor won’t go for it, which is unfortunate for some fans.

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