Jake Paul dons fat suit to challenge Tyson Fury to a heavyweight boxing match

jake paul fat suitJake Paul

Jake Paul wore a fat suit to challenge legendary boxer, Tyson Fury, to a boxing match after his upcoming bout with Anderson Silva.

Although Jake Paul’s next bout is less than a week away, he clearly has his sights set on more fights down the road.

The YouTuber turned-boxer is facing off against Brazilian MMA star Anderson Silva in the boxing ring on October 29 in what is slated to be one of the biggest fights of the year.

However, Jake is already teasing another bout against a different legendary fighter.

Jake Paul wears fat suit and teases Tyson Fury fight

The 25-year-old shared a video on October 23 of him in a fat suit hitting a speed bag. The fat suit enlarged Paul’s stomach and chest quite noticeably.

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In the social media post he said, “In 6 days I fight Anderson Silva, but after that, fat Jake is moving up to the heavyweight division to fight my brotha from anotha mother Tyson Fury.”

Jake was previously slated to fight Tyson’s young brother Tommy Fury, but the fight fell through at the last minute. Although that fight has no date for a revival, Tommy has claimed he still wants to make it happen.

Tyson Fury would easily be Jake’s biggest challenge yet, as Tyson is one of the most accomplished heavyweight boxers of the last decade, a two-time world heavyweight with a record of 32 wins and one draw.

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Despite Jake being in full training mode for the Silva fight, he’s clearly not content with just one bout on the schedule.