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Jake Paul calls out Pete Davidson over boxing event comments

Published: 21/Apr/2021 11:08

by Jacob Hale


After comedian and actor Pete Davidson relentlessly mocked Jake Paul and his boxing match with Ben Askren while hosting the event, the Paul family — father Greg included — have called him out.

Paul’s fight versus Askren was his first against an actual fighter, and he made incredibly short work of it.

While Ben is best known for his high-level wrestling capabilities, his boxing is clearly a weak point, as proven when Jake beat him by TKO in the first round.

With a whole bunch of celebrities attending the Triller Fight Club event, Pete Davidson hosted the entire thing, frequently poking fun at the event and the idea of Jake taking on a former UFC fighter.


Jack Harlow and Pete Davidson
Instagram: petedavidsons
Pete worked the event alongside other top celebrities such as Jack Harlow (pictured), Snoop Dogg, and Addison Rae.

Davidson joked that the fight “shows how low boxing has sunk,” as well as questioning Paul over the recent sexual assault allegations levied against him.

Of course, the Paul family weren’t having any of it and addressed the issue on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast. After Greg asked if he could “fight that little piece of sh*t,” Logan questioned “who put him on the set?” before Jake made his thoughts known.

“It was my idea to have him as the host of the event,” Jake said. “F**k that guy. He won’t ever be a part of one of those ever again… Just, f**k that guy.”


Timestamp 12:27

Jake went on to say that “the sh*t he said is sh*t you can’t take back,” while Logan admitted that he found some of it “funny” but “the context didn’t make sense” to him.

Obviously, with the Paul family being as divisive as they are, Davidson’s comments definitely would have appealed to some, but he might have ruined his chances of hosting more in the future by making them.