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Jake Paul bashes KEEMSTAR for “body shaming” Erika Costell

Published: 15/Jan/2019 22:13 Updated: 15/Jan/2019 22:33

by Wyatt Donigan


YouTube star Jake Paul and Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem set Twitter ablaze with a heated back and forth on January 15.

KEEMSTAR is no stranger to controversy on social media as his YouTube channel is dedicated to all things drama and never shies away from conflict.

It seems like he wasn’t at all prepared for the latest batch of controversy, however, after he Tweeted a picture of Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Erika Costell with the caption “Eugenia Cooney 2019” that seemingly rubbed Paul the wrong way.

Hours after KEEMSTAR posted the photo, Paul replied with a heated response in which he calls out KEEMSTAR for body shaming Costell and calls him a “piece of trash.”

Eugenia Cooney is another YouTuber who is known for being incredibly thin, reportedly weighing well under 100 pounds.

Paul seemingly believed KEEMSTAR’s Tweet to be poking fun at the fact that Costell looks skinny in the chosen picture, leading to the above Tweet as well as a number of follow-up Tweets.

Not content to let Paul have the last word, KEEMSTAR responded by asking whether Paul thought there was something wrong with how Cooney looks.

Paul offered no response to KEEMSTAR’s final word on the matter, seemingly opting to move on from the ordeal completely.

To her credit, Costell seemed to take the entire incident in stride, responding to KEEMSTAR’s initial Tweet in jest.

While this spat looks to be over, for now, Paul will likely turn right back to his ongoing rivalry with fellow YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le.

The pair most recently traded shots back and forth over the weekend during a charity basketball event hosted by the ACE Family, who are no stranger to controversy themselves.


LIRIK slams “ridiculous” Twitch DMCA strikes after wiping his channel

Published: 31/Oct/2020 15:21

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid was left upset after the newly introduced DMCA crackdowns on the platform meant one of his old videos was given a copyright strike, thereby forcing him to “nuke” his old content in order to protect his channel.

Many streamers and fans alike were left furious when people revealed they were receiving DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown requests from Twitch, particularly with regard to the playing of music.

However, the DMCA strikes were not just affecting recent content. VODs dating back years were being flagged for playing copyrighted music, no matter how briefly.

Devastatingly, this means many streamers have been left with no choice but to delete colossal amounts of old content, as it’s impossible to sift through each VOD individually before Twitch flags it.

Image of Twitch streamer LIRIK
LIRIK has garnered a huge amount of popularity over his nine years on the platform.

LIRIK receives a DMCA copyright strike

Many creators announced that they would be having to purge their channels, like Pokimane who said she would be removing her past VODs after rumors circulated that LIRIK would need to do the same.

LIRIK is a hugely popular streamer with over 2.7 million followers on his Twitch channel, playing a huge variety of games for his thriving community of supporters. He’s been on the platform since 2011, naturally meaning he’s built a substantial backlog of content over that time.

In his October 30 stream, he said: “I had to nuke everything yesterday. All VODs, all clips were deleted. I feel like my channel’s naked. Oh my god, it f***ing hurt so bad man but it had to happen. Like everything f***ing nuked.”

Explaining the reason he’d finally decided to purge his channel, Lirik added: “I got one strike yesterday from a 2016 clip for a DMX song. And it’s like what? I don’t remember. When the f**k did I play DMX? It’s just ridiculous.”

LIRIK along with his mods are saving the VOD files and uploading them to YouTube, but with 9 years of content to go through, the task will be a mammoth undertaking.

The move will no doubt add fuel to the anger towards Twitch for the sudden and rather unforgiving DMCA takedowns, but whether the process will be changed as a result of the outrage remains to be seen.