Jake Paul hits back at RiceGum during ACE Family charity basketball event

. 3 years ago
RiceGum / Jake Paul

Popular YouTuber Jake Paul took it upon himself to be the thorn in Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le’s side at the ACE Family charity event on January 11 that only seemed to create more tension between the two broadcasters.

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The gym was abuzz with internet celebrities who came to compete for $100,000 to the charity of their choice by hitting 10 three-pointers in a row, but Jake Paul had another game to play during while in the gym.

Although the event was filled with huge YouTuber names, it seems like rivals RiceGum and Jake Paul were all eyes for each other as the two took numerous digs at each other.

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In a segment Paul called “Annoying RiceGum,” the streamer starts out with the immensely awkward topic of RiceGum’s new girlfriend, Instagram model Abby Rao who had rated Paul’s personality as a “9.5 because [of what she knew of him] he was very funny.”

Prior to even arriving at the event, Paul made it clear that he was going to hone in on the topic of Rao given that she had appeared in one of his videos in the past. 

Throughout the event itself, Paul was a constant feature in RiceGum’s day, having been seated at the number two position to RiceGum’s number one seat.

Paul continued to pester the YouTuber in as many ways as Paul could get away with by insisting he carb up with a mouthful of pizza before the shootout, constantly interrupting RiceGum as he was vlogging, and trying to incite a reaction from Rice while aiming some verbal jabs seemingly at no one.

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Paul did manage to get something of a reaction out of the YouTuber with a censored middle-finger salute aimed at Paul before it was RiceGum’s turn to take the stage.

RiceGum returned some of the heat in his video of the charity event, making subtle comments as to why he was seated next to Paul as it’s no secret that the two have been in contention for quite some time.

All of the YouTubers who partook in the competition failed to take home the prize, instead, the prize was earned by former Baylor University point guard Austin Mills.

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