Mr Beast app challenge attempts sabotaged by hilarious Twitch donations

Finger on the App / Twitch: PhilippBiel

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson’s Finger on the App challenge has proven to be an ultimate trial of endurance. Though it has also seen trolls go above and beyond, putting hilariously sudden ends to the runs of those streaming on Twitch.

After days of building up to the challenge, Mr Beast’s all-new app kicked off on Tuesday, June 30 at 3 pm EST. Over a million players started out on the first day of the competition, though numbers soon dwindled to just hundreds. 

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Players were required to keep in contact with their mobile phone screen until just one competitor remained. While extra lives were available for certain users, there were no clear cut rules beyond keeping a finger on the screen.

Before it all kicked off, many were concerned about the idea of cheaters ruining the fun for everyone. One factor that most failed to take into account, however, was the notion of trolls, a factor German streamer ‘PhilippBiel’ experienced the hard way on the day of the event.

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Roughly halfway through the total player count – having just passed the three-hour mark – the streamer was doing well. They had just one life from the jump but they were doing fine without the extra assistance.

Without fully processing a recent alert, PhilippBiel read the name of a brand-new follower to his Twitch stream. ‘Hey_Z_Ree’ was the name of the troll account and speaking it aloud accidentally triggered Apple’s Siri.

One of the only rules of the competition is that any interference will end your run. Whether it’s a family member calling your mobile phone, or an alarm going off, anything that takes you out of the app itself will result in failure.

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It turns out that Siri functions just the same for iPhone users. As soon as the virtual assistant popped onto their screen, PhilippBiel’s run came to a sudden end. They weren’t the only one that fell victim to this troll either. Fellow Twitch streamer ‘LilGrishaa‘ was also left devastated.

As PhilippBiel held his middle finger to the camera, he was clearly enraged at what had just happened. Through no fault of his own, his run in Mr Beast’s challenge was over. The chance of securing up to $25,000 had come to an end due to a pesky troll.

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If a similar competition ever comes to fruition in the future, those that decide to stream the challenge will have to be a little more careful. You never know how viewers might spoil the fun.

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