Jack Black challenges Ninja during training for ‘Jumanji 4’

JablinskiGames, YouTube / Red Bull Esports

Actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black is beefing with popular Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins – and he’s already honing his combat skills on the set of ‘Jumanji 4.’

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Black called out Ninja in the midst of his fitness training in preparation for the upcoming film, as captured during one of his YouTube vlogs on February 22.

“…I need to work out to get ready to face Ninja,” Black jokingly claimed. “Face to face. That’s a challenge! Ninja, I’m ready for you. Almost.”

[Timestamp: 2:35 for mobile viewers]

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This isn’t the first time Black has called out Ninja, either; the actor previously challenged both Ninja and PewDiePie upon creating his ‘JablinskiGames’ YouTube channel in December 2018, boasting that it would be “bigger” than both internet personalities, combined.

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He even went on to create a skit in collaboration with South African rap group Die Antwoord, in which he confused Watkin ‘Ninja’ Jones with the Ninja of Fortnite fame.

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In the skit, Black accused Ninja of stealing his Elgato capture card, out of fear that he would best him at Fortnite – although he ended up sending his video on the subject to the wrong Ninja.

Jack Black’s YouTube channel has since seen a massive influx of subscribers, garnering over 3.8 million subs as of February 24.

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Black isn’t the only celebrity on the platform, either; ‘Fresh Prince’ actor Will Smith made his YouTube debut in December 2017, going on to gain a wider rep on the site after appearing in YouTube Rewind 2018.

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Ninja has yet to respond to Jack Black’s latest callout – although it would be fun to see them face off in a game of Fortnite.