Island Boys spark outrage with “incest baiting” photo

Alice Sjöberg
The Island Boys

Rapping duo Island Boys, consisting of twins Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, are back in a spot of controversy after posting what some are calling an “incest-baiting” selfie together. The photo sparked mixed responses as they wanted to promote their OnlyFans.

With their unique style and tattoos, Florida-based ‘Island Boys‘, Kodi and Frankie Venneri have crashed the social media scene like a rogue wave.

The twins, who are better known as Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, took over the internet in October 2021 when their breakout song, ‘I’m an Island Boy,’ went viral. They’ve kept their social following with their unique styles and personalities, despite several controversies.

With millions of followers across all of their accounts, the twins have been incredibly close throughout their rise to internet stardom — even to the point that some viewers were a little bit put off by their relationship.

Island Boys accused of “incest baiting” with new pic

The brothers showed just how close they are after posting a selfie of the two standing together, with the tongues almost touching. Flyysoulja is seen looking into the camera with his tongue out, while his brother Kodiakredd is standing next to him, shirtless with his tongue out while looking down at his brother’s tongue.

Flyysoulja posted the picture to his Twitter and wrote: “Ugh almost. Should I?” before adding the link to his OnlyFans account.

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Several fans got excited about the duo making content together on OnlyFans. However, others found it disturbing since they’re twins, even going as far as calling them out for “incest-baiting.”

One person wrote: “This is ridiculous.” “Wtfffffffff,” a second person said.

“There’s no excuse for this,” a third wrote.

A fourth person wrote: “Brotherly love #incestbait”

But despite the skeptical comments, others seemed excited about the idea of the brothers producing content on OnlyFans.

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