Jake Paul flexes his new $16M mansion in Puerto Rico

Jake Paul poses in front of his massive mansion in Puerto Rico.YouTube; Jake Paul

YouTube-boxer Jake Paul is showing off his luxurious new pad in Puerto Rico, valued at a whopping $16 million, complete with a 6-car garage, a pool, and more.

Jake Paul is one of the internet’s most prolific influencer-boxers. First gaining fame on Vine, Jake moved on to YouTube where he infamously founded the ‘Team 10’ content house.

However, Team 10 quickly dissolved, leaving Jake hungry for more… and that’s where boxing came in. Following his debut match on the Logan Paul vs KSI card in 2018, Jake set his sights on becoming a major force in the combat sports world.

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Come 2023, Jake’s got several major fights under his belt, including bouts against Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and soon, Nate Diaz… and considering his reportedly massive fight purses, it’d make sense that he wants to spend his cheddar on a nice living space.

Jake Paul shows off $16 million Puerto Rico mansion

On May 31, 2023, Jake Paul took his fans on a tour of his ‘humble’ abode in a high-energy YouTube vlog. Jake now lives in Puerto Rico alongside his big bro, Logan Paul, who notably moved to the island in February 2021 partially due to tax reasons.

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jake-paul-shows-off-16m-mansion-PRInstagram: jakepaul
Jake Paul’s new pad is worth a whopping $16 million.

Jake claims that his new mansion is valued at a whopping $16 million. The space is 12,800 square feet and comes with a 6-car garage, a swimming pool (and multiple other water features), eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and even a guest house.

Paul’s pad also boasts a music studio (for the inevitable sequel to ‘It’s Everyday Bro’) and a man-cave in the lower floors where he plans to put in a poker table to complement his billiards table and arcade games.

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Jake’s also making sure that he keeps his family close and lives right next door to his big bro, Logan Paul, who showed off his own Puerto Rican pad just a few months earlier. However, we’ve gotta say that Logan’s collectibles outshine Jakes (at least for now), considering that he’s got a literal Triceratops skull chilling in his bedroom.

Jake’s move to Puerto Rico happened after selling the Team 10 mansion in early 2021 and relocating to Miami. Now, both he and Logan are making their home in the Caribbean — and it looks like they’re living life to the fullest.

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