iShowSpeed finally sees Cristiano Ronaldo score and goes viral with celebration

Connor Bennett

Streaming star iShowSpeed went viral again as he finally got to see Cristiano Ronaldo score at a game after he traveled all the way to Saudi Arabia. 

Even though Lionel Messi has pretty much shut the door on the debate about who is the GOAT in football, iShowSpeed won’t hear it and is still backing Cristiano Ronaldo

Speed’s admiration of Ronaldo is well documented at this point, as he’s traveled across the globe to see him play. It didn’t go well the first time, given Ronaldo was left out of the Manchester United team, but he did get to see him at the World Cup – even if his viewers on the stream didn’t. 

With Ronaldo leaving United and moving to Al Nassr, Speed got an invite from his hero’s new club to go and watch his first game. That game just so happened to be a friendly against PSG, the home of Ronaldo’s longtime rival Lionel Messi. 

iShowSpeed loses his mind finally seeing Ronaldo score

Well, Speed obliged with the invite and jetted over to Riyadh to watch the game, and even though PSG edged it out with a 5-4 win, he finally got to see Ronaldo score. 

As you might expect at this point, Speed went a little crazy seeing his hero bag a goal, even joining in with his trademark ‘Sui’ celebration by jumping a fair bit in the air. “Let’s go!” he screamed over and over. 

That clip of Speed’s celebrating went viral even before Ronaldo slotted home his second goal of the game, and has reached almost 4 million views alone on Twitter at this point. 

Even though it was only a friendly match, and won’t count in any official record books, Speed did try and claim that Ronaldo wrestled back the top spot in the GOAT conversation with his goals. 

Obviously, fans disagree with that take, but there are plenty who are glad that he finally got to see his idol perform on the pitch. It’s been a long wait, after all.

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