Is TikTok’s FYP broken? Here’s how you may be able to fix it

tiktokPexels: @cottonbro

TikTok users across the world have taken to Twitter with reports of broken For You Pages, saying they are seeing a “basic” feed instead of one curated by the algorithm. 

When someone creates a new account on TikTok, they are met with a basic feed of videos from the site’s top verified creators. It isn’t until they start interacting with videos and specific creators that the algorithm kicks in to begin suggesting content relatable to the viewer.

The algorithm allows viewers to become a part of a specific section of TikTok. Examples of these specific sections would be ‘cartok’ or ‘techtok,’ where everyone shares a specific interest in something.

Currently, viewers of the short-form video app have taken to Twitter with reports of their FYP feed being broken, reverting them back to the original “basic” feed.

TikTok logo fyp brokenTikTok
TikTok has gained over 1 billion users on the short-form video app.

TikTok FYP Broken

At the time of writing, TikTok seemingly has not addressed the glitch, leaving viewers with no choice but to manually search accounts to watch.

People are not happy, with one person stating: “Is anyone else’s fyp on TikTok broken like mine? Keeps showing me random s**t from verified accounts back to back. WHY did they put me on basic TikTok?”

Twitter user ‘limehousblues’ had a stronger opinion on the issue: “My TikTok fyp is so broken, it’s literally just verified creators. It’s disgusting.”

Others are reporting that, even though their FYP has reverted back to the ‘basic’ quality feed, they are still seeing creators that they have followed on the platform.

How to fix broken TikTok FYP

While there is no exact known cause for this problem, there are a few things you can try in an attempt to fix it.

  • Close the app and open again
  • Log out
  • Turn your phone off
  • Delete your app and reinstall
  • Clear your Cache

There’s no guarantee that any of these fixes will work, but they’re worth a shot. If all of these fail, you’ll have to wait for an official fix from TikTok.