Is the Twitch MasterChef meta over? Hasan receives DMCA strike over TV show

Twitch streamer Hasan next to chef Gordon RamsayTwitch: HasanAbi / Fox Network

Twitch streamer Hasan Piker has received a DMCA copyright claim from Fox Network after watching MasterChef live on stream. Could the TV show and movie meta on Twitch already be over?

The explosive MasterChef meta that has taken Twitch by storm in 2022 may already be coming to an end. Hasan ‘HasanAbi‘ Piker surprised viewers when he announced that he had received a copyright takedown notice from Fox Network for watching the culinary reality show on stream.

His DMCA warning follows Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys being banned only a day earlier for streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender. With two of its biggest channels being hit back to back, Twitch could be bracing for a wave of copyright claims coming its way.

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Twitch streamer Hasan Piker watching Master ChefTwitch: HasanAbi
Hasan received a copyright takedown for watching MasterChef on Twitch.

Hasan gets DMCA from Fox for MasterChef

Since the start of 2022, streamers such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have been watching older seasons of MasterChef live for viewers. The TV show meta got rocked on January 8, 2022, when Hasan Piker revealed that Fox Network had officially filed a copyright takedown on his channel for watching the series.

“THE MASTERCHEF META IS OVER!” the streamer tweeted out. Piker then attached a picture of the email he had received from Twitch about the DMCA claim. In the notice, it states “Dear HasanAbi, we’ve received a notification of claimed infringement with respect to your account.”

At the end of the letter, it says that his Twitch channel was being reported by Fox Network for watching MasterChef. “Copyrighted Work: MasterChef. Copyrighted Claimant:  Fox Network.”

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Hasan fights with Ludwig over Twitch TV show meta

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren responded to Hasan’s announcement by trolling him. “Enjoy the car,” the Mogul Money creator tweeted. He made the comment following an argument he had with Piker just an hour before.

Ludwig tweets at Hasan after he gets Copyright takendown from MasterChef

The friendly spat between the two begin on January 7 when Hasan called out the YouTuber for “snitching” on Twitch channels that had watched TV shows. The streamer then doubled down on his argument a day later when he tweeted, “Everything is fair use if the copyright holder doesn’t care about pursuing a DMCA claim. be smart, (don’t watch entire movies, Viacom Disney shit, or new eps) and stop snitching.”

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Shortly after his Twitter post went live, Ludwig fired back at Piker. “xQc gets 2 million unique viewers every stream what do you mean snitching LOL. You’re doing all this in front of a football stadium then mad about people discussing it in a high school theater,” he exclaimed.

Hasan immediately responded to Ludwig and made fun of him for getting banned three times just days after switching to YouTube in December 2021. “You’re mad you can’t in your car + snitching as in concern trolling + you’re handsome + you’re white + ratio.”

Hasan and Ludwig argue over Twitch TV show meta on Twitter

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if other streamers who watched MasterChef will also get copyright takedown notices. The move from Fox Network may raise some eyebrows, however, after the show’s host and producer Gordon Ramsay had previously spoken to Twitch streamer xQc and even gifted him subs while watching the culinary show.

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Following the ban of Pokimane and now Hasan’s DMCA notice, streamers across the platform will more than likely think twice about watching TV shows or movies while going live. The MasterChef meta on Twitch may very well be dead in the water.