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Nadeshot gets revenge after Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy roasts him

Published: 19/Jan/2020 17:54

by Eli Becht


100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag caught the attention of Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy after saying Cheez-Its aren’t a good snack.

It seems pretty common for the 100 Thieves organization’s members to share controversial opinions, with CouRage regularly stating Transformers is his favorite movie series, and now Nadeshot is getting in on the fun.

We can’t fault the hustle too much since it’s an excellent way to drum up some engagement on tweets. This particular one even caught the eye of some big names to ramp up the responses even more. “Cheez-It’s are the lowest tier snack in the world,” he said.

Cheez-It crackers are a beloved snack by many around the world and there’s a flavor for anybody out there. Well, almost anyone as Nadeshot clearly doesn’t seem to enjoy the crunchy snack at all.

The 100 Thieves CEO received a bunch of pushback on this tweet, but nothing could compare to what Barstool’s Portnoy had to say.

“You seem successful,” he started. “But you are clearly a brain dead moron who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. Cheeze It slander will not be tolerated around these parts.”

It’s clear that Portnoy is a big Cheez-It fan himself and will fight to stop people from slandering the brand’s good name. In fact, Portnoy has become a bit of food critic himself, and even came out with his own app called “One Bite.”

It started as a pizza review video series but grew in popularity so much that it had to move into an app format. Even Nadeshot is a fan of it, and he got his revenge over the Barstool founder in the best way possible.

“Cheeto Puffs are the superior cheesy, crispy snack,” Nadeshot tweeted along with a video showing him uninstall the One Bite app. “I’ll still watch your pizza reviews though.”

It ended up being the perfect mic drop as Portnoy tried to get Nade to apologize for what he said about Cheez-Its, so the two founders would be cool again.

“Just take back what you said about Cheeze It’s and we’re cool,” he responded.

All in all, it’s a pretty harmless feud, but the Barstool founder did end up losing a user on his app, so there was some damage done.

Hopefully, the two will be able to get together, crack open a box of Cheez-Its, and set aside their differences.


Streamer accidentally leaks how much money Twitch Bounties can reward

Published: 18/Nov/2020 20:15 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 20:16

by Theo Salaun


Answering a question many have been curious about, a Twitch streamer has leaked the amount of money that high-profile creators can make from their Twitch Bounty Board.

Twitch Bounties present the platform’s in-app way for streamers to earn sponsorship deal money without any agents or third-party communication. Launched back in 2018, the offering allows streamers to partner with sponsors and promote their product in different ways, with maximum payouts that vary depending on concurrent viewership and streamer profile.

Ludwig ‘ludwig’ Ahren has roots in Super Smash Bros. Melee playing and commentating, but is better known to many as a Twitch streamer and general content creator. He has over 800,000 followers on Twitch and, per TwitchMetrics, boasts the third-most-watched “Just Chatting” channel on the platform. 

As such, ludwig is expected to earn more than the average streamer for his sponsorship opportunities. But, he’s leaked his Mountain Dew Game Fuel Twitch Bounty partnership and now fans and aspiring creators alike can put a money figure, in the thousands, to the nebulous sponsorship system.

While working through his Game Fuel can, ludwig accidentally leaves his stream on a screen that shares his Twitch Bounty dashboard. The opportunity’s requirements include playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and, more importantly, discussing Game Fuel’s “talking points” during the session.

While those talking points can’t be seen, viewers can see just how much ludwig can make from the maximum payout for this Bounty: $7,202.

That payout is also nestled alongside hyperlinked “terms,” suggesting that there are nuances to the possible tiers of payment a streamer can earn for their partnerships. As has been mentioned in the past, these are likely tied to concurrent viewership and the like, which tally a brand’s overall reach for the advertisement opportunity.

yo tommy we gotta go
Twitter, @JabbiJuice / PepsiCo
A popular meme shared using a subtitled portion of Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel commercial featuring CDL pros.

Owned by PepsiCo, Mountain Dew is no stranger to big investments. The brand has already partnered with the gaming world, infamously thanks to some Call of Duty League commercials, and appears willing to double down on that audience.

This is proven by streamers who aren’t specialized in Call of Duty, like ludwig, getting up to $7,202 for Game Fuel Twitch Bounties. If that’s the case, then one has to imagine that others must also be cashing in similar deposits from their product placement opportunities.