IRL streamer’s Twitch channel shut down after asking the President to start a war

Michael Gwilliam

IRL streamer Corinne Now’s Twitch account was appearing shut down on November 17 after a heated confrontation with a man resulted in the entertainer suggesting US President start a war.

The self-proclaimed social media influencer was in Beverly Hills checking out Christmas lights when a car pulled up in front of her and she began conversing with its occupants.

“Where are you guys from?” she asked the group inside the packed automobile.

“We’re from Iran,” one glasses-wearing individual in the backseat replied.

Twitch/corinnenowCorinne Now did not like what the man in the backseat had to say.

“Oh my God, what are you guys doing in Beverly Hills?” the surprised streamer continued.

At that point, the man in the backseat appeared to say something along the lines of “f*ck some b*tches,” though his audio wasn’t the cleanest – no pun intended. Whatever the case, however, Corinne was furious at the inappropriate comments.

“That’s rude and that’s tacky and it makes your country look like sh*t when you talk like that in public,” she ranted.

“I’m not actually from there,” the man confessed, but Corinne was still angered at what he had said.

“When you call girls a ‘B word’ it makes you look like trash,” she blasted. “You should apologize. You look like trash, dude. You wanted to be on my stream. You wanted to be on my stream, babe.”

Finally, the driver in the car had enough and drove off leaving Corinne Now in the dust, but not before she made a special request to the President of the United States.

Immediately after suggesting the President start a war with Iran, the streamer gasped and seemed to regret her choice of words.

“Am I allowed to say that?” she asked her chat. “Ooh, my mouth is going to be quiet.”

Twitch/corinnenowThe streamer seemed to instantly regret her choice of words.

Since the incident, the streamer’s Twitch has been rendered unavailable. It’s unclear whether Twitch suspended the account or if she had deleted the channel herself.

Dexerto has reached out to Corinne Now for comment.

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