Influencer sparks backlash over revealing dress to wear at a funeral

tiktok funeral dressTikTok: Edgylittlepieces and Istockphoto

After showing off a revealing dress stylized to wear to funerals, a TikTok and Instagram influencer received backlash from viewers.

Funerals are a period of grieving, during which visitors done all black to pay their respects. But TikTok account ‘edgylittlepieces’ believes the occasion should still be considered an opportunity to dress up and impress.

“Hi girlies,” a model for edgylittlepieces states in the beginning of the video, greeting the TikTok account’s usual followers.

“We still have some funeral dresses in stock!” the creator exclaims, while waving her hands in the air as if she were at a party.

She’s shown wearing a black dress, sporting a massive gap in the middle of the dress which shows off cleavage and belly.

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“You can tighten it to make it super modest for the funeral, and loosen it back down for the afterparty.”

Many users are confused as to the seriousness of the video.

“Funeral? After party?” one user commented.

“Is she joking?” another asked, genuinely baffled by the video.

“They are gorgeous don’t get me wrong but if I wore any of them to a funeral, I’d be getting f**king buried too,” a critical viewer mentioned.

The TikTok account is catered towards selling their clothing products, and the funeral dress was likely sold on their website for some time. In fact, the TikTok account created multiple videos attempting to push the funeral dresses, claiming the one in the video was their “most popular funeral dress”.

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The videos were all uploaded throughout the month of April, which was likely the period of time when they had the funeral dresses in stock. Many of the models other videos on the channel follow the same exact formula, where she states that the product is in stock and is very “modest”.

The idea presented in the video may seem outlandish for many viewers, but the video theme and style are very consistent with the other content on the channel, which all aim to sell the products rather than create a gag.