iiTzTimmy fires back at sexist content creator after unwanted inclusion in YouTube video

. 1 month ago
iitzTimmy in front of a grassy wall

Twitch star iiTzTimmy has distanced from a self-described “incel” content creator after they used clips of the Apex Legends streamer to say things he doesn’t agree with.

After entering into the Top 10 Twitch streamers this month as part of his ‘year-long’ subathon, Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has proved he has staying power beyond his insane challenge streams.

The streamer has also been making waves for standing against the rampant misogyny that is seen ubiquitously throughout online gaming communities.

However, these clips have now been used against Timmy. Self-titled “incel” ‘Think Before You Sleep’ used snippets of the streamer’s content in the video “How Feminist Ideas Make Everyone Weak.”

Timmy has condemned the video, saying the clips were taken out of context.

“My clips were taken out of context in a video that invalidates the experiences women go through in the gaming space,” Timmy said. “I do not agree with any of the ideals portrayed in this video at all and believe we as a community should continue to do better.

In a follow up tweet, he added: “Although the video doesn’t necessarily shed me in a bad light, I believe it is still important to speak up and continue to create a space that welcomes women.”

This is in stark contrast to the video’s argument that women are harassed in video games as part of the “natural order” of the world.

The tweet has sparked an avalanche of people expressing support for iiTzTimmy, drawing attention to his attempts to better the online gaming sphere.

With harassment of women covering the full gamut of the gaming experience, from the boards of Activision-Blizzard to individual stalkers being arrested, stands like Timmy’s are all the more important in squashing sexist beliefs before they become dangerous.

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