Ice Spice fans shocked after rapper goes makeup-free in viral post

Virginia Glaze

Fans of ‘Deli’ rapper Ice Spice were left stunned after the artist went makeup-free in a photo that’s going viral on social media, sparking a massive debate online.

Ice Spice is one of the hottest names in the rap game right now. Known for hits like ‘Munch,’ ‘Princess Diana,’ and ‘Deli,’ it’s safe to say Ice Spice has all eyes on her at all times.

On top of her husky voice and badass bars, the rapper’s look is iconic too, boasting bright orange curls that have become a trademark of her style.

However, a new pic of Spice is throwing her fans for a loop after she was photographed looking completely different than the way she’s usually seen in her music videos or Instagram pics.

Ice Spice addressed the comments made about her on a podcast earlier this year.

Ice Spice’s makeup-free photo goes viral, dividing fans

On December 10, a photo showing Ice Spice with a bare face and a pink wig pulled back from her forehead started making the rounds online — specifically on Twitter/X, where one user said, “Ice Spice no makeup on, idk how to feel anymore.”

The post has racked up over 16 million views since being published, and over the next few days has appeared to spark a major debate over makeup and fans’ expectations of their favorite artists.

“Forehead with the size of Atlanta airport,” one reply said.

“This why Drake unfollowed her,” another joked.

However, others found beauty in Spice’s natural features and defended her from mean comments, with one person writing, “Pretty b*tches always got the biggest foreheads, I love it.”

“Lol CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER… Y’all never been with a girl for real,” another commenter said. “Y’all never made a girl comfortable enough to be herself around you. Y’all never been with a lightskin girl during winter.”

Ice Spice is far from the first famous female celebrity to get backlash for going barefaced. Twitch star Pokimane became the target of online harassment after going makeup-free in a viral broadcast back in 2018 — although it’s safe to say that becoming one of the platform’s most-followed broadcasters is revenge enough for all the mean comments she got for that particular incident.