ICE_POSEIDON’s Subreddit has been quarantined

IRL streamer ICE_POSEIDON’s Subreddit has been quarantined, due to the platform’s new effort to prevent hoaxes, hate speech, and other issues that breach the website’s community guidelines.

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Reddit has recently revamped their quarantine function, fencing potentially offensive communities into a less public sphere. While a post detailing the update cited Holocaust deniers, NSFW communities, and others as responsible for the revamp, it seems as though Poseidon’s page is also one of these groups.

Some users have speculated that the quarantine was due to the subreddit’s comment section, noting Poseidon’s notoriously toxic community.

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Poseidon’s shenanigans and audience alike have garnered him multiple bans on Twitch. A few of these instances included asking for a girl’s phone number while livestreaming, or even a 2017 incident where Poseidon was swatted on a plane.

Poseidon apparently live streamed himself in an airport, where he mentioned his flight number and even his particular gate. This resulted in Poseidon’s audience swatting the plane, which was grounded due to a potential bomb threat.

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Poseidon was one of several communities that saw a quarantine. Others subreddits cited included communities of ‘incels,’ a subreddit where users upload footage of people dying, pages dedicated to racism and sexism, as well as conspiracy pages, to boot.

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It seems as though Poseidon’s community has gotten so toxic that it fits in with these disturbing categories.

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Reddit’s new policy is meant to ‘incentivize positive behavior.’ While quarantined moderators can present an appeal to have the quarantine removed, it doesn’t look as though Poseidon’s has yet reached this stage.