KSI gives his opinion on Logan Paul fighting in the UFC

TMZ / YouTube

Popular YouTuber Olajide “KSI” Olatunji expressed his views on Logan Paul’s potential UFC debut in an interview with TMZ sports on September 26.

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The reporter asked for his response to UFC President Dana White’s thoughts on the matter, where he said that Paul would “get murdered” and “seriously injured” in a legitimate UFC fight.

KSI appeared to agree with this sentiment. “I think he’s delusional,” he responded. “He really thinks that he’s gonna do well in the UFC. He’s gonna get fucked.”

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He wasn’t done there. “He ain’t got no chance,” he continued. “Anyone in the UFC would fuck him up.”

However, KSI wasn’t under the impression that he would do any better, himself.  “I wouldn’t do shit,” he said when questioned about his own chances in the UFC. “I ain’t got any wrestling… I got nothing. I would get fucked.”

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He likewise stated that he isn’t currently training for his upcoming rematch with the Viner-turned-YouTuber, which is projected to take place in May of 2019.

When questioned about the rematch, KSI appeared confident in his abilities, and said that Paul had just gotten lucky due to their draw. “Imma fuck him up, trust,” he said of their rematch. “He got lucky with the first one.”

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While Sage Northcutt has expressed an interest in fighting Paul, it doesn’t look as though he will be making an official UFC debut anytime soon, thanks to White’s comments. 

However, many fighters and UFC fans have applauded both Paul and KSI alike for their business tactics. With over 2.1 million concurrent views during their first fight, there’s no telling how much more successful their rematch will be.