Cops arrest man using 7-Eleven toilet for “blowing up bathroom”

police arrest man in 7-eleven bathroomTikTok

A man is going viral after cops appeared to barge in on him using a 7-Eleven bathroom while he was in the middle of a bowel movement.

The poop nearly hit the fan at a 7-Eleven when a group of supposed police officers tried to arrest a man as he was filming.

No one likes to be interrupted when they’re in the middle of their business, but a man appeared to need to go so badly that he resorted to using a store bathroom to get it done.

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In a viral TikTok taking over the platform, a user by the name of ‘theinsurrectionist’ filmed the exact moment when cops barged in on him and demanded he pull up his pants and come talk to the officers.

Man goes viral after cops arrest him in 7-Eleven bathroom

In a series of viral videos that have been viewed tens of millions of times in just 24 hours, the supposed cops demanded the man put his phone down and get up despite wanting to “wipe his ass.”

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Eventually, the man claimed he was about to stand up, but was worried that the cops would shoot him if he did.

Refusing to comply, the man using the toilet begged for more time and tried to grunt out the remainder of his bowel movement.

“One more pinch!” he pleaded. “It’s almost there. Hold on, please. I’ve got irritable bowel syndrome, man! I’m not making it up, do you not smell my ass?”

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Sadly, that’s where the video ended so it’s not clear what happened after that, but many viewers in the comments suspect the clips were all a viral prank.

“Why does homie have a paintball gun?” someone commented.

“Why are the cops calling him bro?” someone else questioned.

However, others pointed out that there are news reports from February of police arresting a man for allegedly barricading himself inside a 7-Eleven in Fort Collins and starting a fire. It’s not known if the two incidents are related, but the TikToks are captioned with “blowing up” the store.

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In other 7-Eleven news, Twitch star Amouranth purchased one of the stores for a whopping $10,000,000 to grow her empire consisting of gas stations and OnlyFans accounts.

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