Ibai left speechless after Sergio Aguero surprises him in-person on Twitch stream

Sergio Aguero surprises IbaiTwitch: Ibai

Spanish Twitch streamer and internet personality Ibai ‘ibai’ Llanos was lost for words after professional footballer Sergio Aguero appeared in person on his stream.

Over the years, Twitch hasn’t been short of crazy, incredible, and outright bizarre moments that no one could have predicted. However, just when you think you’ve seen it all on the platform, another unbelievable interaction takes place.

This time, it involves professional footballer Sergio Aguero, who recently transferred from Manchester City to FC Barcelona.

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While most people would have expected the talented striker to be on the training field, he decided to make a surprise appearance on ibai’s stream in person.

Whoever organized the meet-up clearly kept the Twitch streamer in the dark, as he had no idea that Aguero was about to walk into the room.

Ibai Twitch streamerTwitch: Ibai
Ibai has over 25,000 active Twitch subscribers.

Sergio Aguero surprises ibai live on Twitch stream

On August 4, ibai was streaming on the Just Chatting section of Twitch and interacting with his audience as usual. While everything seemed normal at first, one of ibai’s friends kept leaving and re-entering the room.

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Although the streamer didn’t know it at the time, he was making sure Aguero was ready to join the stream at the exact right moment.

Not long after, the professional footballer entered the room from behind ibai and gave him a hug.

While he was left speechless at first, it was obvious he was over the moon that Aguero had joined him on stream.

While the pair have already played Among Us together in the past, this is the first time they’ve got together live on stream and it made for an incredible Twitch highlight.

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Now, Aguero is based in Barcelona, it’ll be interesting to see they do any more IRL content with each other in the future, as it certainly went down a treat with ibai’s fanbase.

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