Sergio Aguero gets absolutely wrecked on Among Us and it's hilarious - Dexerto

Sergio Aguero gets absolutely wrecked on Among Us and it’s hilarious

Published: 7/Sep/2020 19:55 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 10:53

by Bill Cooney


Man City striker Sergio Aguero might be one of the best footballers in the Premier League, but it’s clear from a recent round of ‘Among Us’ that his video game skills still need some work.

Aguero is definitely one of Manchester City’s star players, and like more and more sports icons these days, he’ll hop on to Twitch from time to time to stream for his fans.

The striker might be able to manipulate the ball like no other on the opposing side of the pitch, but after a round of Among Us with Spanish streamer Ibai ‘Ibai’ Llanos, it’s obvious Sergio’s deceptive skills don’t extend to one of the hottest games taking over Twitch.

Among Us takes players and places them on a single team together, with one random person called the “Imposter” trying to kill everyone else while they complete random tasks before the rest of the group discovers the odd man out and votes them off the island, so to speak. While Ibai was the Imposter, he managed to kill Aguero (Kun) twice, and convince the team to vote him off for extra salt in the wound.

I just killed Kun Aguero, twice,” Ibai said giddily in Spanish on his own stream while playing with the footballer, who lamented to his viewers, “He killed me twice… TWICE!”

“My friend Sergio Lionel, I spotted you. You don’t play this game a lot, right?” Ibai asked, which Aguero admitted was true with a begrudging “Yes.”

When it came time for the team to vote on who to eliminate, Ibai’s plan sprung into motion, as he deceived the other players into thinking that it was Aguero, not him, who was the actual impostor.

Aguero gets killed in Among Us
Ibai was absolutely merciless, and Aguero was still the one that got voted off.

 “He (Ibai) was following me,” Aguero argued to the team, just before he was tragically eliminated. “I didn’t even know how to close the door, and then he killed barbeq.”

Among Us can definitely be a confusing game to get a hold of when you first start playing; even Twitch superstar Shroud has admitted as much. Hopefully, he continues to give it go, although we wouldn’t blame Aguero for being a bit discouraged after getting absolutely destroyed in front of tens of thousands of viewers from across the world.


Bryce Hall hints at possible Among Us stream with Dream, Quackity, & Karl Jacobs

Published: 11/Jan/2021 16:10

by Georgina Smith


After an unexpected interaction with gaming creators like Quackity, Karl Jacobs, and GeorgeNotFound on Twitter, TikTok star Bryce Hall has said that he’s interested in playing a game of Among Us with Dream.

2020 saw a boom in popularity for both the TikTok community and the gaming community. On the TikTok side of things, there are creators making millions from their social media careers, with countless trends coming from the video-sharing app.

In the gaming community, the sudden surge in popularity of the social deduction game Among Us saw streamers and YouTubers like Corpse Husband and Dream garner extraordinary amounts of attention and, along with Dream’s SMP Minecraft server, have established a huge new community.

Bryce Hall poses in front of water
Instagram: brycehall
Bryce Hall is a hugely popular star on TikTok, currently with almost 18 million followers.

It then only seems to make sense that the two hugely popular (but very different) worlds should collide in some form. Previously, however, popular TikToker and Bryce Hall’s current partner Addison Rae faced backlash from some Dream and Corpse Husband fans, who wanted other creators to be picked over Addison.

Dream commented that the stream was a “blast,” though he did have to turn his chat to emote-only mode to avoid hate.

Bryce Hall suggests an Among Us game with Dream

In another strange turn of events, influencer Bryce Hall who currently has almost 18 million followers on TikTok ended up interacting with a variety of different popular streamers via Twitter, after Dream replied to one of his posts.

Bryce had sent out a tweet that simply read, “Hulu n hangin type of night,” to which Dream tagged Addison Rae and replied, “Is this true?”

Clearly not deterred by the partly negative reaction Addison received, Bryce decided to take his opportunity and quote tweeted saying, “sup Dream, when we playin Among Us?” to which Dream jokingly replied, “when you learn the reply feature.”

And that wasn’t all, some other popular creators got involved with the conversation, Karl Jacobs jumping in to say, “what we watchin?” in reply to Bryce’s original tweet. YouTuber Quackity then asked if he should be following Bryce Hall, to which Bryce replied making fun of his typos.

The interaction was altogether quite wholesome and has got many Dream fans hoping the Among Us game does actually go ahead, as they are eagerly anticipating another stream from the popular Minecraft creator.