How to watch full KSI vs Temperrr fight & undercard matches

KSI fighting FaZe Temperrr after Dillon Danis pulls out of matchTwitter: KSI

With a stacked lineup of influencer bouts, as well as a thrilling main card, the MF & DAZN Series 004 event certainly didn’t disappoint. For those who missed it, here’s how to watch the full KSI vs Temperrr fight and undercard fights.

KSI and FaZe Temperrr finally came to blows on January 14. Originally set to touch gloves with MMA fighter Dillon Danis, the FaZe Clan star stepped up to the plate as KSI’s replacement opponent just a week out from fight night.

We also saw some of our favorite influencers putting the gloves on. Slim ‘The Hitman’ Albaher returned to the ring to face music producer Tom Zanetti. Salt Papi certainly didn’t disappoint either, sending his opponent Josh Brueckner to the mat in the second round.

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Surprising everybody, Luis Alcaraz Pineda — the 23-year-old who stepped into the ring with KSI last August during his ‘2 fights 1 night’ event — made an appearance as the mystery fighter facing Bdave.

As a whole, fans weren’t left unsatisfied by MF & DAZN Series 004 event. But, for those who missed it, here’s how you can watch the full KSI vs Temperrr fight as well as the undercard bouts.

Watch full KSI vs Temperrr fight for free

Fans who missed the event, or those looking to rewatch the action, can now watch the full fights on the DAZN Boxing YouTube channel.

KSI remains undefeated after knocking the FaZe Clan co-owner to the mat with a clean left hook. With just 50 seconds left on the clock in the first round, Temperrr was unable to continue — and KSI was crowned the victor.

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Slim Albaher vs Tom Zanetti full fight

While many thought ‘The Hitman’ would make easy work of his opponent Zanetti, it all came down to the judges. Winning by unanimous decision still holds onto his MF light-heavyweight title.

Salt Papi vs Josh Brueckner full fight

Salt Papi has quickly become one of the most anticipated fighters on the Misfits roster — and for good reason, too. While many believed Josh Brueckner could give him a run for his money, Papi remains undefeated after victory via knockout.

Luis Alcaraz Pineda vs Bdave full fight

The OVO Arena erupted in cheer as Pineda returned for vengeance. After getting “beat to a pulp” by KSI, the pro-boxer took the win against Bdave through unanimous decision.

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Ryan Taylor vs Swarmz full fight

Similarly to Pineda, Swarmz also made his return to the boxing ring. Redeeming himself from the KSI bout, the UK rapper was victorious after Ryan Taylor’s team threw in the towel.

Faith Ordway vs Elle Brooke full fight

While Faith Ordway walked to the ring as the favorite to win, Elle Brooke ultimately came on top. With a win already under her belt, it was clear the OnlyFans star was the better fighter, taking the win via TKO in the first round.

Anthony Taylor vs Idris Virgo full fight

In the first bout of the night, professional MMA fighter Anthony Taylor and undeafeated boxer Idris Virgo touched gloves. Once again, the fight came down to the final seconds, where it ultimately went to the judge’s scorecards — with Idris Virgo coming out on top.

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