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How to get verified on TikTok

Published: 16/Oct/2021 14:16

by Georgina Smith


Many TikTok users covet the verified badge as a way to prove their identity and as a mark of achievement for their growth on the platform—but how exactly do you go about getting verified on TikTok?

TikTok has seen rapid growth in its popularity over the past couple of years, and with that, thousands of creators are flocking to the platform to share content with millions of viewers and try to build a name for themselves there.

Even countless celebrities have ended up joining the app, and with that, TikTok implemented a verification feature like other websites such as Twitter and Instagram to prevent fake accounts.


TikTok logo on a phone
Unsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok is becoming an increasingly popular platform.

However, unlike Twitter, on TikTok you currently are not able to go through an application process to get a verified badge, and there also aren’t any set objective criteria people have to meet to qualify. TikTok instead has a team that actively selects people to get that coveted blue checkmark.

So, how do you get selected for verification on TikTok?

How to get verified on TikTok

On TikTok’s website, regarding verification, they explain: “There are a number of factors considered in granting a verified badge, including whether the notable account is authentic, unique, active, and – of course – adhere to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.”


Social Media Strategist Rachel Pedersen claims that the main criteria for getting verified include daily follower growth on a consistent basis, along with growing watch time. Additionally, you are more likely to get noticed if your videos are going viral on a regular basis.

Aside from that, being verified on other platforms or getting media coverage can also aid you in making yourself eligible for the badge.

The entire process is a little less concrete than it is on other sites, but if your content performs consistently and your account is on the rise, you have a good chance of being selected for verification.