How to get a hexagon-shaped Twitter profile picture: NFT links explained

Brad Norton
Twitter Hexagon profile picture

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are here to stay on Twitter as users can now flex their digital possessions with hexagon-shaped profile pictures. Here’s how the system works and how you can get your own.

NFTs have been a major talking point across social media in recent months. Regardless of where you fall on the matter of their importance, there’s no denying how popular they’ve become.

To promote their own NFT collection, many Twitter users have long been showcasing their purchases through unique profile pictures. From athletes to high-profile celebs, plenty have jumped on board this trend to push their digital goods.

To help them stand out from the crowd, Twitter has now implemented a new system just for NFT owners. Hexagon-shaped profile pictures were rolled out on January 20 and here’s how you can get your own.

Bored Ape artwork
NFT owners can now stand out on Twitter with hexagon-shaped profile pictures.

How to get a hexagon-shaped Twitter profile photo

First and foremost, it’s crucial to note that hexagon-shaped profile pictures are only available for NFT owners. You can’t change from the standard circle on Twitter with any old picture, it has to be an NFT.

With that in mind, your first step is to purchase an NFT. In itself, this process comes with a few restrictions to bear in mind. Currently, Twitter only supports static image JPEG or PNG files. Moreover, these NFTs have to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, not Polygon or any other.

Once you’ve ticked those boxes and have ownership of an appropriate NFT, you next have to link your crypto wallet on Twitter. This can only be done through Twitter Blue and on iOS devices for now. Android and desktop users cannot access hexagon-shaped profile pictures just yet.

Below is a list of crypto wallets currently supported on Twitter:

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

Twitter will soon ask to confirm your crypto wallet details with a verification request and a unique attestation for you to sign.

Once your wallet is connected, simply choose the desired NFT in your possession and Twitter will automatically swap your profile picture to a hexagonal shape.

Follow this step-by-step breakdown below if you’re looking to set an NFT as your profile picture on Twitter.

  1. Go to your Twitter profile (on an iOS device with an active Twitter Blue subscription).
  2. Tap Edit Profile then tap to change your profile picture.
  3. Rather than choosing an image, select ‘Choose NFT.’
  4. Connect your crypto wallet to your Twitter account.
  5. Select the desired NFT to get your hexagon-shaped profile picture.
Twitter hexagon-shaped profile picture
Hexagonal profile pictures are currently only available to those with iOS devices.

Following this process will set your Twitter account apart from others on the platform. When viewing your profile, NFT details will be displayed alongside your custom picture.

These details show everything from the Contract Address of your NFT to a full description of its unique collection. 

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