Domino’s delivery driver scolds customer for choosing delivery: “It’s right there”

Molly Byrne
A Domino's delivery driver creates tension with customer.

A Domino’s driver recently crossed the line with a customer when they argued with them over choosing delivery instead of pickup. 

In a world full of chaos and late nights at the office, one thing many people have in common is their affinity for food delivery services.

Whether someone is using Instacart, DoorDash, or a straight-from-the-restaurant delivery, it’s apparent that these services work. Not only do they relieve stress from a long day, but they allow for even more personal time and moments with family and friends.

Though delivery is offered through many restaurants, and has been for decades, one recent Domino’s delivery driver crossed the line with a customer who was just looking to eat her dinner in peace.

A Domino's delivery driver creates tension with customer.
A Domino’s delivery driver creates tension with a customer.

TikTok reacts to Domino’s delivery driver crossing the line with a customer

In an attempt to cozy up with a garlic-crusted and robust pizza, a woman was stunned to be addressed so rudely by her Domino’s delivery driver. 

In a video caught on a mounted outdoor camera from Ercina Rodriguez, a heated argument took place between Rodriquez and her pizza delivery person. The video has since been posted to TikTok.

Though Rodriguez kept her cool and even tipped the Domino’s driver, she was first bluntly asked by the driver, “You know the Domino’s is right there, right?” To which Rodriguez replied, “I don’t see why I have to explain myself to you about delivery. They pay you for that, right?”

Rodriquez scurried off her porch as quickly as she could to diffuse the situation, but the commentary didn’t end there, as the driver proceeded to say, “I’m just wondering” as they shrugged their shoulders. 

Viewers of the viral TikTok video have since taken to the platform to address the awkward occurrence, saying, “Love the way you handled that. People need to mind their own business.”

While others stated, “I wouldn’t complain, that’s the easiest delivery to have!!!” As well as, “I have two toddlers. That’s two car seats to get them in and out of and back in and back out of at home. People don’t get what a pain it is to do.”

Eventually, the Domino’s delivery driver made their way off of Rodriguez’s property and back to their job where they get paid to service a select radius of locations, Rodriquez’s included. Though her TikTok video of the situation has gone viral, Rodriguez has not commented on the circumstance she was forced to face. 

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