Horse goes viral on TikTok after pulling off dance trend

Horse dancing with its ownerTikTok: jomibaduja_jenny

TikTok is going crazy for a video of a horse that dances with its owner to MKTO’s song ‘Classic,’ with the clip garnering over 8 million views.

Nowadays, the internet’s biggest source for viral content is undoubtedly short-form video platform TikTok, with millions of people across the globe posting a range of content that keeps people on their phones for hours.

But just like any other video platform, one thing that always stays popular is content about animals. Big or small, there’s no quicker way to a viral video than animals doing cute and amazing things. The latest to blow up on the platform is a horse from an account by the name of jomibaduja_jenny.

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The video shows the owner leading the horse through a dance routine to the tune of MKTO’s popular song ‘Classic,’ imitating some of the moves from the viral TikTok dance.

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It begins with the animal kissing her and then pulling her jacket off, and as the video progresses they do other moves together such as bows and kicks, all perfectly in time with the music.

Naturally, people loved it, blown away by the horse’s skills and timing.

“This challenge is over now! They done won the whole thing,” one excited user wrote, with another saying, “this was the best first video to open on my TT at 6:30 a.m.”

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TikTok comments about a dancing horse

The video now has over 8 million views and 1.6 million likes, with more animal lovers encountering this talented dancing horse each day.

Who knew the next big TikTok star would be a horse?