Hololive rule change lets new debuts & 3D reveals shine across all branches

Hololive VTuber Mori Calliope during 3D liveYouTube: Mori Calliope

A Hololive rule change is letting new debuts and 3D reveals shine across all branches. Once only observed within each individual branch, talents will have those special moments all to themselves ⁠— and fans are loving the change. 

New debuts and 3D lives are special moments for VTubers, especially when you’re in an agency as big as Hololive. When you join a group as illustrious as COVER CORP’s, it’s extra momentous to be the star of the show, even if just for an hour.

There has been an unwritten rule within the VTuber agency for those in the same branch. Japanese members would give new talents some breathing room, and get together to support those massive 3D reveals by not streaming at the same time. 

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The same applies for English, Indonesia, and Stars, but it didn’t really extend cross-branch. Japanese members would stream during English debuts, and Stars debuts would sometimes be overshadowed by regular Hololive streams.

That courtesy now extends to all members though, written in stone. An internal Hololive rule change means talents of all branches cannot stream alongside a debut ⁠— whether it be a new talent, or an existing VTuber’s 3D reveal or live.

Usada Pekora shared the news on her stream after having to delay her Fate Grand Order broadcast due to Momosuzu Nene’s 3D live to celebrate her second anniversary, and it’s been widely praised in the VTuber fandom.

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“The rules regarding the ‘overlap ban’ have changed, just so you know. Up until now, it was debut streams and 3D reveal streams [in the same branch] we weren’t allowed to stream at the same time as. 

“But from now on, it’s not only applied to Hololive but Hololive Production [including Stars].

“It’s not allowed to overlap debut streams or 3D reveals. Management said those are once-in-a-lifetime special days, and we agreed.”

It means not only do VTubers get special moments to shine, but also smaller branches like Holostars English and Japan can not get outmuscled by their Hololive counterparts during big events.

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