High school teacher slams Andrew Tate for “ruining” freshman class

Shay Robson

An American high school teacher has claimed that controversial internet personality Andrew Tate is “ruining” their freshman class.

Four-time kickboxing world champion Andrew Tate has gone viral across TikTok, YouTube, and even Twitch in the last few months.

Many critics find his views offensive and misogynistic, with even the likes of Jake Paul slamming him for teaching fans you need expensive cars to be cool.

Now, with the school year starting, teachers are claiming Tate’s young audience has been causing trouble in the classroom.

Andre Tate on his phone on a private jetAndrew Tate is a self-proclaimed hustler but an undeniable money maker

The school year has just recently begun in the U.S, and sadly children have apparently picked up some bad habits over the summer thanks to the likes of Andrew Tate.

School teacher slams Andrew Tate

According to a high school teacher and Reddit user ‘pomleli’, freshman pupils are making misogynistic claims in class. So far, the teacher had spoken to six families about the bad behavior already this school year.

“Have y’all heard of a sexist, misogynistic, disgusting excuse of human being known as Andrew Tate? Well, I promise you all your middle school & high school boys have & they’re addicted to his content,” the teacher wrote in a Reddit thread on August 17.

“Just this week I had to have 6 convos with families about their sons saying sh*t like ‘women are inferior to men’ ‘women belong in the kitchen’.”

The teacher continued to explain how students even refused to complete their assignments if it was sourced from a woman. Additionally, three male students apparently refused to read an article from a female author because “women should only be housewives.”

Out of the six parents the teacher had spoken with, five of them were mothers who were “absolutely mortified” by their child’s behavior. The last parent, which was the father said “we’ll he isn’t wrong” about the inexcusable comments in class.

“It’s been only 2 weeks of school & these young boys are losing it. I’ve never heard such vitriol from young boys since this Andrew Tate guy came on the scene,” the teacher claimed. “This rise of incel and misogynistic rhetoric is terrifying.”

Recently, TikTok has confirmed that it will be clamping down on “misogyny and other hateful ideologies” after an investigation revealed just how much content that violates guidelines is being promoted.

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