Hasan stunned by LilyPichu’s musical talent after she writes a song about him

Luke Edwards
Lilypichu taking a selfie, Hasan streaming on Twitch.

Hasan Piker was left with “goosebumps” after OfflineTV’s Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki wrote an intro song for his Twitch channel, as he praised her musical talent.

As well as being one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, LilyPichu is arguably one of the most multi-talented too. As well as producing top gaming content with OfflineTV, she also has insane musical skills in her locker, as displayed on her second channel, comfibeats.

And together with Offline TV costar Wendy, she produced a wholesome piece of music dedicated to Twitch’s resident political mastermind, Hasan.

Lily had started writing a song prior to the stream, but hadn’t yet figured out the chorus. As she was teaching Wendy the instrumentation, she came to the chorus which originally began with the lyric “waiting for a sign.”

And chat pointed out that it sounded an awful lot like “Hasan,” so the pair ran with it and created a song dedicated to their fellow streamer.

Hasan’s reaction to his dedicated anthem was as wholesome as the song itself. “Dude, that is so cute,” he said on his Twitch stream. “What the f***.

“It’s like an anime outro. That’s so sick. it gave me goosebumps, man.”

Hasan ended up using the song as part of the intro music for his stream the day after, as viewers had called for it to be introduced to his waiting room playlist.

After its waiting room debut, he took to Twitter to emphasize how impressed he was with Lily’s musical prowess. “@LilyPichu is so talented,” he tweeted.

Of course, Lily took it upon herself to undo the wholesome atmosphere by roasting Hasan’s allegedly small head, while simultaneously showcasing another side of her artistic talent as she replied with a “thank you” illustration.

Lily has been known to use her musical powers for both wholesomeness and destruction. Back in January, when the OTV Rust server took over Twitch, she hit the headlines after verbally destroying fellow streamer Kristofferyee in a savage rap battle.

Either way, Hasan fans will hope to see Lily’s song as a fixture of his intro for the foreseeable future.