Hasan & Mizkif skeptical of Neekolul’s $2m price claim in controversial apartment tour

Calum Patterson
Hasan, Mizkif and Neekolul

100 Thieves content creator Neekolul has sparked an unexpected controversy, after posting her apartment tour, claiming the spot cost $2m. Fellow Twitch streamers Hasan and Mizkif have both suggested that $2m is not an accurate price for the apartment, and that she was either “scammed” or lied about the price.

Neekolul, often just Neeko, blew up in 2020 thanks to a single TikTok video, with the song ‘Ok Boomer’. Within months, she was the fastest-growing streamer on Twitch, where she now has over 380,000 followers.

Her rise to internet stardom helped her land a spot as a content creator in Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves organization, and with her YouTube channel also growing, Neeko uploaded a tour of her new apartment, with the title and thumbnail claiming it cost $2 million.

This received a wave of backlash, both on the video itself and across social media, as users highlighted her past of criticizing the rich, and endorsing AOC’s ‘tax the rich’ slogan.

Neekolul hasn't enjoyed her new-found Twitch fame
Neekolul’s OK Boomer TikTok sent her to viral fame.

Hasan & Mizkif’s take on Neeko apartment

Whenever there’s drama among Twitch streamers, many of the big names will weigh in. Hasan and Mizkif, at the request of their tens of thousands of viewers, both watched the apartment tour, and came to similar conclusions.

“She literally got scammed,” Hasan said, “$2 million for this? Listen, dude, two million dollars in Los Angeles gets you a literal penthouse apartment. [Neeko]’s in Dallas? L. L’s all around. Imagine paying $2 million for anything in Dallas and it’s not a f**king compound.”

Mizkif agreed, but doubted the price was accurate. “There is no way that that apartment is $2 million. That has to be some Ludwig clickbait sh*t.

“There is no way that this girl got a $2 million apartment. I just do not believe that that exists in Dallas. It’s not a thing.”

At the time of writing, Neeko’s YouTube video has over 325,000 views, but the like-to-dislike ratio will not be a pleasant sight for the streamer. With over 48,000 dislikes, the negative reaction far outweighs the 3.7k likes.

Comments are just as disparaging, as one of the highest voted responses writes, “She is an excellent example of someone with ZERO self-awareness.” Another wrote, “Not against a 2 mill apartment that’s dope just against the hypocrisy.”

Neeko herself hasn’t addressed the backlash, but despite the criticism, it’s already by far her most-viewed YouTube video.

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