Hasan pops off on TikToker for claiming he bought a “solid gold cube”

Hasan pops off on tiktok commenter for saying he bought a gold cubeYouTube: HasanAbi / Twitter: Ostonox

Twitch star Hasan popped off in a hilarious rant against a TikTok commenter who claimed that the famous streamer had purchased a “gold cube” worth $11.8 million.

Hasan is one of Twitch’s most prominent streamers. Boasting over 2.3 million followers on the platform, Hasan is notable for his political commentary, as well as his popular ‘Fear&’ podcast and his humorous interactions with other online broadcasters.

The streamer has come under fire in the past for some of his personal purchases — some of the most notable being a $200,000 Porsche he bought back in February 2022, on top of a Hollywood home worth $2.7 million.

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Some viewers levied a critical eye against Hasan for these buys, as the influencer’s political views have seen him find fault with wealthy public figures in the past.

Hasanabi dancing next to his new $200,000 PorscheYouTube: Hasan

It’s a situation that continues to arise for the streamer from time to time… but the most recent criticism against him drove Hasan to the breaking point in a hilarious fashion.

During a recent broadcast, Hasan aired his grievances with a commenter on TikTok who erroneously claimed that the streamer had purchased a “gold cube” for $11 million, taking issue with the apparent buy due to his political leanings.

“Hasan is insufferable,” the commenter wrote. “He claims to have never claimed he was a socialist but literally has, and then spends 11 million on a golden cube.”

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Ostonox how I got hasanabi canceled videoYouTube: Ostonox
YouTuber Ostonox made a satirical Tweet about Hasan’s faked purchase of an $11.8 million golden cube back in February.

When approached by another commenter saying Hasan had never made such a purchase, the TikToker replied: “Maybe that was some weird dream I had, but I still dislike him.”

Hasan slams TikTok commenter for saying he bought $11 million gold cube

Hasan had enough of it and lashed out at the TikToker in an epic rant. “How can he be so f*cking stupid!” he shouted. “How? How do you survive the planet? How? Do you forget to breathe sometimes?”

“Literally it’s like, ‘I just don’t like the motherf*cker. I saw him in a dream.'”

Of course, Hasan never did actually buy a golden cube for $11 million. The topic arose from a satirical Tweet published back in February amid all the controversy against Hasan’s Porsche purchase, which saw YouTuber ‘ostonox’ photoshop the streamer in with a picture of a golden cube.

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Apparently, the pic was convincing enough that some thought it was real… something that Hasan is clearly tired of hearing at this point.

It’s no skin off his nose, though, as he ranked in as one of the most-watched Twitch streamers of 2022 alongside other high-profile names like xQc and Ibai.