Hasan laughs off ‘ReactGate’ Twitch drama: “Creators don’t mind it”

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Hasan Piker has laughed off DarkViperAU’s claims that Twitch streamers reacting to other people’s content is a form of exploitation, insisting most content creators actually don’t mind it, including himself.

On February 7, DarkViperAU posted a 14-page document claiming Twitch streamers who spend hours reacting to other people’s content are “bad people” who “exploit others” to benefit no one but themselves.

Naturally, his document drew a reaction from several streamers, including Mizkif and MoistCr1TiKal. Miz claimed he’s trying to stir the pot because he’s “irrelevant.” Moist said an “unhinged rant” overshadowed the few valid points he made.

Hasan commented on it too. At the time, he wrote: “It’s wild that this is even a conversation when most people love watching it. The overwhelming majority of content creators (including myself) love when people react to whatever we make.”

Hasan is one of many Twitch streamers who often reacts to other people’s content.

Later on stream, he claimed he’d never watch something without permission. “If I watch a content creator [and] they don’t want me to watch them… I immediately stop watching and say I’m sorry, and I never watch them again,” he said. 

However, he insisted most content creators don’t care about it. “Ninety percent of creators don’t mind it. They like it when we’re watching their videos. I’m a content creator, and I love it when people react to my videos.”

He also tackled assertions that he doesn’t react hard enough. “I do react hard, okay. I react so f**king hard that there are entire memes about how much I pause. We totally forgot about this for some weird reason.”

He believes people who claim otherwise have never watched his stream. Instead, they’ve based their opinion on compilation videos. “You have a false notion that I do this thing where I play a video and move on.”

Hasan isn’t the only Twitch streamer who has downplayed the react content drama. Asmongold also joined the fray.  “How can you say react content is bad when I have people messaging me to react to their content?” he said previously.

Despite their comments, though, DarkViperAU hasn’t backed down. He is adamant that streamers who react to other people’s content are seeing their viewership numbers increase at the original creator’s expense.

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