MoistCr1TiKal & Mizkif hit back at DarkViperAU over react content: “He fell off”

. 5 months ago
Mizkif and MoistCritikal responding to DarkViperAu
YouTube: Mizkif/DarkViperAU/MoistCr1tiKal

Twitch streamer and YouTuber DarkViperAU has reignited the debate over ‘react content’, particularly on Twitch, but has also prompted backlash from some streamers including Mizkif and MoistCr1TiKal.

The react meta on Twitch is often a controversial one, as streamers are criticized for using others’ content to fill gaps on their streams, while collecting ad revenue, donations, and subscribers. Some argue that the content is transformative, or that fans are still there to see the streamer, not the content. Others argue that it is effectively just stealing content.

DarkViperAU posted a 14-page document on ‘how the react grift works’, arguing that “Reactors are all bad people. They explicitly exploit the less fortunate for their own gain.”

But, some of the comparisons made in the document sparked backlash too. In one section, he writes “If you meet a reactor at a party, I suggest covering your glass or outright tell them you don’t want them to f**k you, because they seem keen to take a person’s silence for consent.”

MoistCr1TiKal responds to DarkViperAU

MoistCr1TiKal, who himself often streams react content, mocked DarkViper’s post, also highlighting that DarkViper himself created react content, as he discussed in the post.

“He does make valid points in the document, but it’s overshadowed by this unhinged rant that he goes on,” Cr1TiKal said. “DarkViper’s entire document is about this belief that every reactor is doing it for financial gain and to f**k small channels. And the logic he uses to make these points is deeply flawed and isn’t substantiated by any real evidence.”

Mizkif was equally dismissive of DarkViper’s criticisms, pointing to his Twitch channel’s viewership analytics and suggesting it was a motivation.

“This is why he’s pissed. Because he’s irrelevant now, he fell off. You were at 4k [viewers], doing something, and you fell off hard. That’s just it.”

Responding directly to Cr1TiKal, DarkViper said that most of what he said was “untrue,” but due to “sincere misunderstandings as opposed to lies.”

In a 47-minute video response, DarkViper accuses Cr1tiKal of trying to shape the narrative by misrepresenting what the document said, and using his larger audience to give only his side of the debate.

DarkViper also attempts to clarify the comments about reactors spiking drinks at a party, explaining that it was only an analogy for the lack of consent often found with react content.

React content is still a grey area in terms of fair use and copyright laws. It is generally thought that the amount of commentary or criticism of the content will determine whether something is fair use or not.

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