Hasan, Ibai Llanos play major roles in reviving Just Chatting as top Twitch category

Hasan looking right on Twitch stream as Ibai laughs next to him.Twitch: Hasan / Twitch: Ibai Llanos

Hasan Piker, Minecraft’s GeorgeNotFound, and popular Spanish star Ibai all played major roles in Just Chatting’s resurgence on Twitch over the past three months, a streaming study reveals, as the category climbs back into its original top spot on the Amazon-owned website.

Just Chatting ⁠— an ever-trending Twitch category reserved for non-gaming streams ⁠— took a major hit to its popularity earlier this year, falling behind two other juggernauts in GTA roleplaying broadcasts and Riot’s world-famous League of Legends.

Now, off the back of several blockbuster Twitch events spearheaded by Ibai Llanos, GeorgeNotFound, streamer meetup “Shitcamp,” and the ever-increasing fame of political star Hasan Piker, the category has surged back into top spot, raking in an incredible 708 million viewing hours between July and September.

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The category’s popularity saw it score over 51 million more hours watched than GTA, and cleared League of Legends by a whopping 265 million hours.

Just chatting on TwitchTwitch
The Just Chatting category recorded more than 700m hours watched in Q3.

Ibai hit a monster 196,000 viewers while interviewing Barcelona’s football star Gerard Pique, while GeorgeNotFound scored nearly a quarter of a million fans turning in during a Tommy Innit live meet-up.

Hasan has also been credited with the category’s popularity; up to three percent of all viewing hours in Just Chatting occur on his channel.

Top Twitch streaming categories

  • Just Chatting ⁠— 708m
  • GTA V ⁠— 657m
  • League of Legends ⁠— 443m
  • Garena Free Fire ⁠— 325m
  • Minecraft ⁠— 305m
  • Valorant ⁠— 282m
  • Apex Legends ⁠— 270m
  • PUBG Mobile ⁠— 247m
  • Fortnite ⁠— 246m
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ⁠— 240m

Notably missing from the top ten are popular titles like CSGO and Warzone. Blockbuster Amazon release New World also just missed the cutoff for inclusion.

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Warzone Gas Armor platesActivision
Warzone’s viewing numbers tanked on Twitch over the past few months.

Just Chatting’s meteoric march up the popular Twitch category ranks has been nothing short of incredible, especially over the past twelve to eighteen months.

Non-gaming content on Twitch has recorded a 233.7% rise over the past two years, up from 274m hours watched in 2019 to 914m in Q3 2021. The Twitch category hit a highwater mark earlier this year, cracking one million hours watched in June. This includes the ASMR subcategory and Sports streams.

A study from Streamlabs released earlier this year revealed Just Chatting makes up at least 12% of all total views on the Amazon-owned platform. That’s a huge slice of the billion hours watched per three months for the website.

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Notable stars who often stream in the Just Chatting section include Pokimane, Hassan, Amouranth ⁠— who was banned today⁠ — Mizkif, and Ibai Llanos.