Hasan explains why he’s still “frustrated” over Jenna Marbles’ self-cancelation

Michael Gwilliam
Hasan on jenna marbles cancelation

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan Piker chimed in on Jenna Marbles’ self-cancelation after a photo of the former YouTuber posing with a fan went viral.

Jenna Marbles was a famous YouTuber until 2020 when she decided to “cancel” herself over old videos that some critics deemed racist.

The decision was met with a lot of controversies with some fans praising her decision while others felt like her self-cancelation was an over-the-top reaction.

During a recent episode of Leftovers with H3’s Ethan Klein, Hasan touched on the cancelation after the new photo of her led to fans calling for Jenna to return to the internet.

Hasan “frustrated” by Jenna Marbles’ cancelation

After mentioning that he happens to like Jenna a lot, Hasan revealed that her decision didn’t sit well with him.

“When I saw she self-canceled over her old videos, the way that people were like popping off on her, it just frustrated me so much,” the left-wing political streamer said.

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“We have a tendency to only punish people who care, so you only punish people who have made amends and have tried to better themselves. And we’re so vicious to people who listen, because at a certain point it moves beyond genuinely trying to make progress and change,” he added.

Hasan went on to state that some people will attack those who have “empathetic points of view” to their own plight.

Klein agreed with Hasan about how people who “care” get canceled, noting how it frustrates him as well.

Unfortunately for fans, it doesn’t seem like Jenna will be coming back to social media anytime soon, but if she does, it appears that Hasan will absolutely stand by her.