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Hasan dumbfounded as US Senator Ted Cruz wishes Dream a Happy Birthday

Published: 13/Aug/2021 16:30

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch streamer Hasan Piker was shocked when he pulled up a tweet on stream of US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz wishing Dream a Happy Birthday.

Hasan Piker has become one the biggest streamers on Twitch via the Just Chatting category, focusing mostly on the political and cultural events of the day. His Twitch has grown exponentially over the last year, as he is now at over 1.4 million followers on the streaming platform.

On August 8, he gave his thoughts on why, although it may be a good interview, he wouldn’t go on the Joe Rogan podcast if invited, saying “I’ve criticized him too much”.


Now, Hasan gave his reaction to one of the strangest crossover moments of the year.

An image of Hasan Piker conducting a Twitch stream.
Twitch: Hasanabi
Hasan has built one of the biggest followings on Twitch.

Hasan, Ted Cruz, and Dream

In a clip from his stream on August 12, Hasan was co-streaming with friend and fellow streamer AustinShow when they pulled up a tweet that would shock them to their core.

Hasan’s jaw was agape as he pulled up a tweet from US Senator Ted Cruz wishing popular YouTube and Twitch streamer Dream a Happy Birthday. The crossover of the political world and the streaming and gaming world blew their minds. Hasan screamed “No. NOOO. What the f**k dude!” in response to the tweet.


Austin was equally as dumbfounded, letting out many screams of “Nooo!” in the process.

In the tweet, Ted Cruz says “My daughters asked me to say that…” showing that it’s likely he wouldn’t know who Dream was outside of his children. Dream is a superstar on YouTube, with over 25 million subscribers, and gained his popularity through Minecraft videos.

Hasan replied to the original tweet saying “you fell off (hopefully) + permanent L for texas + ratio”. Hasan’s tweet currently has double the likes that Cruz’s original tweet has, sitting at over 50k likes.