Hasan confused as Joe Rogan YouTube video hit with manual copyright claim

Brad Norton
Joe Rogan next to HasanInstagram: Joe Rogan / Twitch: HasanAbi

Twitch star Hasan Piker was caught off guard during a recent Twitch stream after Joe Rogan reportedly hit his YouTube video with a copyright claim.

As one of the biggest social media personalities today, Hasan built a name for himself with his online commentary and reaction-based content. One particular name he often finds himself reacting to is none other than Joe Rogan.

With dozens of Twitch stream segments clipped off and later uploaded to one of his YouTube channels, a good amount tend to feature footage from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. While this has been a common practice of Hasan’s for months, a recent clip came under fire.

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“I got manually claimed by Joe Rogan,” Hasan revealed during a January 6 Twitch stream. The claim targeted a December 24 YouTube upload with the title: ‘Joe Rogan is worse than Fox News.’

Surprised by the news, he explained to viewers how Rogan “never manually claims people. I immediately texted my YouTube partnership guy,” Hasan said, “and he was like, ‘yeah, that is weird.’”

Unlike a copyright strike, Hasan’s channel as a whole wasn’t impacted. Instead, the copyright claim took over monetization on the specific video, Hasan clarified.

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However, while it was a manual claim, it appeared to come from ‘SuperBam,’ a rights management service allegedly representing Rogan’s content.

“SuperBam is really f***ing annoying,” Hasan said, having dealt with the team before. “They took the revenue of one of our Jubilee videos and Jubilee loves when other YouTubers react to their content.”

Unfazed by the newest claim, the streamer stressed how all Rogan reacts videos are “always fair use. It’s straight-up combating misinformation being spread.

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“I’m not gonna call Joe a bi**h who can’t handle criticism without learning who made the manual review.”

Hasan’s team is currently looking into so for now, we just have to wait and see what happens.

Either way, it’s a “weird” situation, and one that’s new for Hasan’s YouTube channel. However, it doesn’t seem he’ll be stopping his Rogan-related uploads anytime soon in light of the claim.

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