Trainwreck hits back at Hasan over “shameless” Gordon Ramsay react content drama

Twitch: trainwreckstv, HasanAbi

Twitch streamer TrainwrecksTV has hit back at HasanAbi as the ‘TV show meta’ on the platform heats up, calling out the “shamelessness” of streamers and communities who used to hate on his Gordon Ramsay reaction content.

Rounding out in 2021 and seeing in 2022, the ‘TV show meta’ has become a particularly divisive one. Some streamers love it, while others believe it’s simply lazy content that could raise issues in terms of DMCA strikes.

While advocates of the ‘meta’, like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, have defended it from criticism, it has caused arguments among some broadcasters for other reasons, too.

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Now, Trainwreck — who was creating Gordon Ramsay react content years ago — has had his say on the “shameless” attitude and behavior of some streamers.

breaking-down-trainwrecks-rant-on-gambling-legalityTrainwreck isn’t one to hold back, and he’s proven it once again.

In a debate with Hasan on Twitter, Train let his peer know exactly how he felt about the popularity of react content now.

After calling Hasan’s reaction to a Ramsay tweet — in which he says that they all sit and watch him every day — “shameless,” the pair got into it about the situation.

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“It’s not even you that I’m upset at, it’s your core community that brigaded all of the Gordon hate threads and now sit there with no f**king shame enjoying their time,” he said. “I hate motherf**kers like that, all of them should be ashamed.”

This is in response to some of the hate Train received three years ago when he would watch Gordon Ramsay videos on stream. Back then, as evidenced by this Reddit thread, some critics said it was “sad” and called out the lack of effort.

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Train went on to address this in his stream, saying: “I promise you, you look up @trainwreckstv two years ago during that Gordon Ramsay phase, your entire community was talking sh*t.”

Timestamp 00:53:22

Train was clearly annoyed by the situation, not impressed at how some streamers and their communities have backtracked on their previous critiques.

Whether things change regarding the TV show meta remains to be seen but, needless to say, Trainwreck isn’t happy with how the perception of react content has changed given his treatment all those years ago. Especially now that lots of streamers are jumping on the trend.

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