Korean streamer QueenMico banned from Twitch for second time

Connor Bennett

Korean streamer QueenMico has, once again, been banned by Twitch but fans have been left in the dark as to why. So, here’s what we know.

QueenMico is a popular Korean streamer on Twitch, who can usually be found in the Just Chatting section, where she’ll talk with her thousands of viewers or dance along to something like Just Dance. 

She currently has close to 210,000 followers on the livestreaming platform, but as of November 16, her fans have been left in the dark as to when she was next planning to go live and give them something to watch.

However, that appears as if it could be some time away as the streamer’s channel has been struck down, again, by the Twitch banhammer without much warning.

Instagram: queenmicoQueenMico can usually be found Just Chatting or dancing on stream.

Fans of the streamer discovered that she had been suspended on Tuesday, November 19 when the TwitchBanned Twitter account confirmed the news in the early hours of the morning. Her channel was struck down for the second time in less than a month. 

Yet, while the account can sometimes give a notice about how long a streamer has been suspended for by Twitch, they didn’t have anything on QueenMico. Instead, it was just a normal post confirming that she had been banned.

While Twitch does not usually comment publicly on the specific reason why a streamer has been banned, they do reveal the reason, and suspension length, to the broadcaster in an email. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, QueenMico stated that she had been banned for three days, but was confused about the exact reasoning, while also claiming that she hasn’t received any money from Twitch subs since March. 


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Her first post on the matter came as a part of an Instagram story on November 19, where she said that she would see fans on the stream soon. 

It remains to be seen as to exactly why QueenMico has been struck with a ban by Twitch this time around and if it’ll lead to any further problems down the line. 

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