Are Twitch making it hard to find Shroud’s channel?

. 3 years ago

Finding Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek’s Twitch channel is proving to be difficult following his shock move to Mixer, with many fans venting their frustrations online.

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The mega popular gaming star is best known for his pinpoint aiming in first-person shooter games and has built an incredible following by streaming games. 

However, those looking for his Twitch channel on October 25 – a platform he has announced he will no longer be streaming on – have been unable to find it via the search function and it’s unclear as to why that is the case.

Twitch / shroud
Shroud has been stripped of his official Twitch checkmark, despite having millions of followers and subscribers.
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Shroud agreed an exclusive deal with Microsoft‘s very own live streaming platform, Mixer, just a day before these issues first surfaced, announcing the move using his official Twitter account. His new Mixer channel already has nearly 350,000 followers. 

In that announcement, he stated that it would be a case of: “same shroud, new home”, but it appears that his old home has actually disappeared. The reason behind the problems are unconfirmed at the time of writing and it is possible that it is a technical difficulty of some sort. 

It’s worth noting that the channel can still be accessed by searching for it on Google or visiting its web address on Twitch. 

Dexerto Screenshot
Some Twitch streamers are using Shroud’s name in the titles, while channels with ‘shroud’ in the name do appear.
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Given the controversial nature of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ exit earlier this year – when he was not only stripped of his official checkmark but also had adult content promoted on his channel – fans of shroud appear to be worried that he could be suffering the same fate. 

“Search shroud on Twitch and get everybody else but him,” one tweeted, pointing out that other people with his name in their descriptions were appearing instead. 

Many people are having difficulties finding shroud’s channel on Twitch.
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Another added: “How is this fair Twitch? When you search up shroud on Twitch his channel doesn’t appear. This is wrong!”

With over seven million followers, shroud’s Twitch channel remains one of the biggest, but it’s a bad day for fans who want to watch his old videos.

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